Media Reporting of Crestwood Victory Reveals Deep Bias

Binghamton Press reporting of a major Crestwood victory in September regarding its proposed Seneca Lake LPG storage facility speaks volumes on press bias.

Local media here in Broome County has helped drive our region into poverty with biased articles by the likes of Tom Wilber in particular, who incessantly writes about natural gas issues and glowingly features “activists” who are against anything having to do with fossil fuels. Meanwhile, he totally ignores the cost in human suffering by landowners and others whose lives would be far off better financially had we been given the chance to extract our Marcellus Shale natural gas.

One of Wilber’s more recent hit pieces appeared in the Binghamton Press. Entitled “Challenge to Seneca LPG storage struck down” it was typical of all Wilber articles in that it extolled the positions of antis and largely dismissed those of project proponents. Those proponents achieved a clean sweep of the issues with what was a carefully articulated decision. James T. McClymonds, the Chief Administrative Law Judge, who considered the challenge to the requested permit by Gas Free Seneca, Seneca Lake Pure Waters Association and Seneca Lake Communities found the following, among other things:

In conclusion, petitioners fail to raise any adjudicable issues regarding cavern integrity. At most, petitioners merely raise uncertainties without any factual, scientific or technical bases. Moreover, the draft permit addresses many of the issues raised by petitioners, requires regular evaluation and monitoring of cavern and well integrity, and imposes measures to immediately respond to any cavern or well integrity problems in the event they do arise. Accordingly, no adjudicable issues regarding cavern integrity are presented for hearing…

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