Misinformed Fractivist Gets Lesson in Economics from Cabot Oil and Gas

A naive and misinformed fractivist from Ohio recently made a pitiful attempt to dismiss the economic record of Cabot Oil and Gas and came up very short.

Cabot Oil and Gas is doing exploratory development in Ohio these days. A small but new crop of fractivists has, of course, arisen to oppose it. One of them, by the name of Deborah Hughes, of Jeromesville, Ohio, recently wrote a letter to the editor of the Ashland Times-Gazette attempting to diminish Cabot’s economic contributions to Susquehanna. It didn’t go well when Cabot responded.

Here’s some of what Deborah Hughes had to say (there’s more, all of which has been repeatedly debunked here):

The truth is not always a good sales pitch especially when it comes to fracking shale. So I guess you need a good story a fish tale. Or maybe just don’t tell the truth at all?
…Cabot has claimed that unemployment is virtually non-existent? The unemployment rate is 4.8 percent in Susquehanna County and natural resources and mining account for only 6 percent of the jobs.

Our friend and guest blogger from Cabot, Kelsey Mulac, responded (emphasis added):

According to Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry Center of Workforce Information & Analysis,  the unemployment rate in Susquehanna County was 4.1 percent as of May 2018. For reference, in May 2009, the unemployment rate was 8.4 percent.

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