Misinformed Fractivist Gets Lesson in Economics from Cabot Oil and Gas – Part II

Energy In Depth builds on our earlier post to reveal some stunning facts about the Cabot Oil and Gas commitment to Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania.

Earlier this week I wrote a post responding to Deborah Hughes, of Jeromesville, Ohio, who recently wrote a letter to the editor of the Ashland Times-Gazette attempting to denigrate Cabot Oil and Gas generally as well as its economic contributions to Susquehanna County. My work built on an earlier letter by Kelsey Mulac of Cabot Oil and Gas to the paper. As I noted, there was much more to be said and Nicole Jacobs at Energy In Depth has delivered with this must-read post.

What Energy In Depth has assembled is really a primer on the impact Cabot and Oil Gas has had on Susquehanna County. Here are some of the economic highlights:

Cabot has actually paid $1 billion in royalties to residents of Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties as of the  summer of 2017, a vast majority of which has been distributed in Susquehanna County, where Cabot has developed all but two of its Pa. shale wells.
To be clear, a $1 billion infusion is huge for a county with a population of less than 42,000 people. For perspective, Ashland County’s population of roughly 53,000 people isn’t much higher.

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