Narcissistic Anti-Pipeline Extremists Undermining Their Own Cause

Anti-pipeline extremists are slowly destroying their own movement, such as it is, by their attention-starved narcissistic behavior. They are off the rails.

Reality and facts are taking a real toll on the “Keep It in the Ground” movement.

Last May, citing the need to “store and deliver natural gas to a greater number of New Hampshire customers,” the New Hampshire State Senate endorsed the “Granite Bridge” pipeline project by a vote of 22 to 2, including all 10 Democrats. Among those Democrats was noted environmentalist Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, who called the pipeline “a smart, responsible and forward-looking approach to meeting our state’s energy needs.”

Two weeks ago, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, citing “clear and unrefuted” evidence that the aging Enbridge Line 3 pipeline needed to be replaced, voted unanimously to approve the construction of the replacement pipeline.

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