No More Feel Good Solar Games; Let’s Get Moving on Gas

Vic Furman makes some poignant observations about the feel good solar games going on in Broome County and other parts of New York. It’s time to get real.

Broome County, like much of New York, has been playing some very stupid solar games, which I wrote about here and here. Those solar games were further exposed when Broome County Executive Jason Garner announced his budget this week. He did a radio interview on the “Bob Joseph Show” on Radio 1290. Garner went on the show to announcing a tax reduction of 1/2 of one percent, but Bob Joseph asked him if the previously projected $140,000 in annual savings was included into the budget. Hah! You can guess the answer.

“No, Bob, the savings was not projected into the budget as the solar farm is an unproven experiment. Therefore, we can not count on the savings or responsibly project them in the budget.”

A $4+ million dollar taxpayer-funded experiment with so little confidence in it by our leaders that they won’t even dare put the paltry projected savings into the budget? This is the state of Empire State politics.

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