North Korea Peace Brings Out Opportunistic Russian Plans

Potential peace talks with North Korea is encouraging the opportunist Kremlin to plan new pipelines into South Korea to reduce US market share.

President Trump’s meeting with the isolated nation of North Korea brings in a lot of potential hopes. Perhaps we can escalate tensions and military presence on the peninsula, maybe we can encourage the ruthless dictator to improve human rights, or perhaps, just maybe, we can reduce sanctions and become a trade partner with the North as we have with the South.

This week, I was skimming Facebook and saw a very sarcastic post come up from the Citizen Shale page. To refresh your memory, they are a delusional activist group that claims victory for leading Maryland to ban fracking. They are also very active in respond to comments and I love to poke the bear. (They mistakenly believe I am a secret Energy In Depth employee). The post uses a common theme in activism by suggesting President Trump is a Putin lackey. Not a big surprise, as this has been done since his inauguration. However, what sets the bar so low is their genuine misunderstanding or willful blindness with respect to the Facebook post.

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