Nutmeg State’s Nutty Attempt to Stop Pennsylvania Power Plant Crushed

Connecticut, the “Nutmeg State,” had a thoroughly nutty scheme to stop a Pennsylvania power plant from converting from coal to gas but EPA has crushed it.

Brunner Island Power Plant is located in York County, Pennsylvania, straddling Lancaster County. It is a huge, 1,490 megawatt coal-fired electric generating plant, and has been the target of environmentalists for years. In February 2017, MDN told you that the new owner of the plant, Talen Energy, invested $100 million to retrofit the plant so it can, at least part of the time, burn Marcellus Shale gas. Talen said it “plans to burn little or no coal until 2019 as part of a ‘site evaluation.’” Meaning almost all (perhaps all) of the fuel powering the plant at this point is Marcellus Shale gas.

This Marcellus Shale gas use is why we’re interested in this Pennsylvania power plant and what happens to it. However, it appears they still burn at least some coal from time to time. In February, Talen signed an agreement to settle a lawsuit brought by the odious.... The terms of the settlement say Talen will burn only Marcellus gas at Burnner Island during “peak ozone season”–from May 1 through Sept. 30–starting in 2023.

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