Bob Tiberio says New Yorkers are growing tired, very tired, of waiting on Governor Andrew Cuomo to finally act on proposed natural gas development regulations that were developed, analyzed and ready to go many months ago, as he does a “we’ll decide on science” routine that epitomizes “the lady doth protest too much” line.

I’m so tired
Tired of waiting
Tired of waiting for you

- The Kinks

Supporters of natural gas in New York are tired of waiting for Governor Cuomo to act. And we’re tired of waiting for anti-gas obstructionists to accept the fact that shale gas development is low risk and is bringing significant benefits to communities fortunate enough to be able to take advantage of their game-changing resource.

But you keep-a me waiting
All of the time
What can I do?

Why are we still waiting? Although frustrated by nearly five years of delay, gas supporters can take some comfort from considering New York’s long-standing penchant for procrastination.

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