Oildex Invests in Oil and Gas Supplier Community with Upgraded Interface, Features and Functions

DENVER, Dec. 2, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oildex, the innovator of smart information management solutions for the Oil and Gas industry, is pleased to announce the release of its enhanced online invoicing application for suppliers submitting electronic invoices through the Oildex platform.

Oildex's enhanced eInvoicing platform includes a new user interface and new account features designed to improve productivity between suppliers and operators. In addition, the new functions deployed in this release will help suppliers better manage and reconcile electronic invoices submitted to customers. This release demonstrates Oildex's commitment to building a large oil and gas specific supplier network that is not just connected, but actively delivering a high percentage of electronic invoices to Oildex's A/P automation solution, Spendworks.
In a recent survey, more than 91% of suppliers preferred Oildex's new application, saying it is "clean and modern looking," "easier to navigate and search" and that they "prefer it over other eInvoicing portals."
"Oildex's devoted Vendor Services Team works every day to understand and implement the needs of Oil and Gas Suppliers," said Director of Customer Service, Tammie Hogan. "From the flexibility of the various eInvoicing options to one-on-one training and support, Oildex understands the importance of suppliers in the supply chain and works to encourage participation in its growing community."
About Oildex
Oildex provides smart information management and business process automation Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to over 7,900 companies and 130,000 registered users in the oil and gas industry. The Oildex suite of services streamlines operations, enabling companies to shift from paper-based processes to electronic, and provides tools for companies to track and understand their transactions in near-real time. Currently available services include: digital and scanned invoice processing (Spendworks™ and Spendworks Complete™), owner/producer relations data posting (Owner Relations Connect™), check stub reporting (Checkstub Connect™ - CDEX), scanned check stub reporting (CDEX Complete™), joint interest bill processing (JIB Connect™), scanned JIB processing (JIB Complete™), crude oil data exchange (Run Ticket Connect™ - CODE), and production and sales volume reporting. Oildex has offices in Denver and Houston. For more information, please visit www.oildex.com.

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