Potomac River Pipeline: 3 Miles of Controversy for West Virginia

TransCanada is seeking to build a 3-mile pipeline under the Potomac River to supply needed gas to West Virginia, but are facing the usual opposition. 

Last April, Maryland was the first state with natural gas reserves to pass a law that outright bans fracking. Governor Hogan, a once ally of natural gas development, made a complete 180-degree and signed the law into place based on political pressure claiming, “environmental risks of fracking outweigh any benefits”.

With fracking now banned, the same groups who fought tooth and nail to get the ban passed are now looking to prevent any infrastructure that supports gas. Currently, they are going full-court press to stop a whopping 3.5 mile pipeline. Groups such as the Potomac Riverkeepers are protesting a TransCanada pipeline that will cross the under Potomac River and the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (C&O Canal). These groups are seeking to capitalize on Governor Hogan’s temporary short sightedness and prevent the project from crossing through the narrowest part of Maryland and deliver much-needed natural gas to West Virginia.

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