Rational Middle Energy Series Aims to Lay Out Natural Gas Facts

The Rational Middle Energy Series aims to educate the public about energy consumption and sources. Given a majority of the public thinks electricity comes from the wall, this series is a much needed.

No signs, no yelling, no cameras, no radical viewpoints; welcome to the rational middle. The Rational Middle Energy Series is a set of short movies geared towards the people stuck in the middle of this great energy debate about where we should obtain our energy. Like it or not, energy doesn’t just come from the wall or a switch, a fact many otherwise smart people seem not to understand, which is why the Rational Middle project was undertaken.

The project was launched by the director of Haynesville: A Hunt for an Energy Future, Gregory Kallenberg. The objective of the series is to help move people away from their polar opposite positions on the energy issue and bring them into the rational middle. The hope is that, once here, both sides can, together, decide where we are as an energy nation, where we want to go and most importantly how we intend to get there.


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