We have been approached by Aguila corp. to conduct geophisical operations in our area of northern Washington county.I was wandering if  or what fees are being paid to anyone for per acre as they list it as recorded source and receiver lines and minimum entry fees.

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Comment by Tom Brian on April 5, 2012 at 2:49pm

In tioga co pa they are doing it now , if you are leased just sign a waiver to allow access. if you are not they will likely just go around you,  unless you are watching for stakes and pink ribbons its not much, the equipment used here is widely spaced 4"x20' drill holes and soda can sized charges the recievers are wireless battery powered gps not a big deal. they are along the streets in downtown wellsboro between street and sidewalk smaller than a football. as i write this two guys are in my woods putting down markers and pink ribbons. they are using old 4 wheeler aand log roads that are all ready there have not seen a tree or bush cut yet.

The miles of wire that they were using 3-4 years ago have almost gone away with the Tec. advances.

 The idea is to enable the drill rigs to do a more efficient job of following the variation of the seam  to get the best return on drilling and not leave a lot of resource under ground. better for you, me, them, and the USA.

PS. my entry fee was $0 just happy to see them.

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