Shaleshock Media Resorts to Making It All Up

There’s been some argument recently over who is allowed to post on our blog and Facebook page. Our policy has always been to allow posting of opinions opposite from our own and let the facts speak for themselves, but our opponents’ websites and social media don’t seem to operate that way. They are, in fact, making it up – big time.

Wendy Lee, Bloomsburg professor and natural gas opponent, thought she had received a late Christmas present earlier yesterday when she was somehow inadvertently banned from the EID Marcellus Facebook page for about an hour. Recognizing the potential to set herself up as a martyr for the cause, she went off on an hysterical rant on our site and at Shaleshock Media, accusing us of trying to stifle her outbursts and an assortment of other sordid crimes against humanity. It was classic Wendy, as readers of this blog can appreciate.

The funny thing is this; Wendy had no idea I was, at that very moment, working on a post about the Shaleshock Media website for whom she writes, where administrators did something far worse than not allowing comments for a few minutes. Needless to say, I was more than a little astonished when she went off on her tangent this morning. Read on to see why.

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