Energy In Depth was the target of an attack yesterday by Attorney David Slottje, of Planet Ithaca, for supposed double talk on hydraulic fracturing, but it turns out Slottje is the one doing the double talking as he cites sources that don’t support his case and offers an absolutist interpretation of the precautionary principle.

Attorney David Slottje, otherwise known as the Great Davidski on this site, put a post on up on his Park Foundation funded Community Environmental Defense Council (CEDC) website attacking EID and comparing us to the tobacco industry. He accuses us of “Fracking Double Talk” but the only one talking out of both sides of his mouth is Slottje.

Slottje cites a quote from one of our associates, Steve Everley, in a Maryland newspaper to make his case. Steve said “There is no hard scientific evidence that fracking is an immediate and irreversible risk to drinking water resources” and Slottje interprets this as a backing off on past claims of no impacts. That is not the case and Slottje knows this, of course, but he sensed opportunity and seized on it, engaging in the double talk of which he accuses us.

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