stevenson pad is off coulter school road----salem twp.

located in the highest point of mercer county---far away from the damaged shale around the sandy lake pot hole lake---land  was owned by sherman rhodes and later given to e a rhodes who sold it to mr george of canfield ohio who was the prime mover of bringing in polminex gas to open up the area in 1983.  polminex drilled 14 wells in the area and they have continued producing all thes years--thus the very favorable lease agreements that big oil loves to big payouts to get a lease---an area 1 1/2 MILES from the center of the 1993 or 4 earthquake--- where oil has seeped out of the ground since the 1950,s----the pad is located within eye sight of a 1947 dry hole...and near lake isabel built by e a rhodes with goverment flood control costs the same to drill a well on land with a 1980 -s lease as it does to drill where they have to pay 18-20% royaltys---tell me where do you think they will drill...big high buck demands will take a bask seat for a few years...this is OIL FINGERS take on the deal.

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