The Bitter, Miserable, Self-Destructive, Sniveling World of Fractivism

A picture used by the Delaware Povertykeeper speaks volumes about the nature of fractivism. It is, to echo P.J. O’Rourke, a philosophy of sniveling brats.

One of our readers sent me a link the other day that spoke to the problem with fractivism. It was an appeal by the Delaware Povertykeeper a/k/a Riverkeeper for support for an amendment to the New York state Constitution similar to Pennsylvania’s environmental rights amendment, which, of course, has empowered special interest shills and environmental extremists such as Maya van Rossum with the ability to harass those seeking to do things like bring energy to people and slow down or kill whatever it is they’re doing.

I opened the link and staring me in the face was a picture of a happy Maya in full propagandist mood, speaking about such an amendment, which, of course, she ardently desires. What made me sit up straight and take notice, though, were the sad, miserable faces of those behind her, her legislative supporters. The photo said more about the nature of fractivism than anything I could possibly write.

Here’s what I saw:

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