The DRBC Has A Train Wreck As New Jersey Pollutes the Delaware

The DRBC justification for a fracking ban just derailed with a train wreck that dumped New Jersey’s waste, on the way to New York, into the Delaware River.

The DRBC’s juvenile justification for its proposed framework ban is essentially “My God, there could be an accident” or something like that. There was a railroad accident yesterday and it dumped fuel oil and waste from New Jersey into the West Branch of the Delaware River. It had zero to do with fracking, proving what a train wreck the DRBC fracking ban really is.

I wrote about the DRBC’s justification for their power grab here and later here. Also, here’s what the DRBC says in their justification for their proposed ban (emphasis added):

Based upon EPA’s analysis,  the combination of activities and factors more likely than others to result in more frequent or more severe impacts to water resources are spills during the management of hydraulic fracturing fluids and chemicals that result in large volumes or high concentrations of chemicals reaching groundwater resources. In May 2015,  an EPA study compiled data on and characterized 457 hydraulic fracturing related spills that occurred between January 2006 and April 2012 in eleven states. The study attributed these to equipment failure, human error, failure of container integrity, and other causes, including but not limited to well communication, weather and vandalism. Storage, equipment, well or wellhead, hose or line, and “unknown” were among the identified sources. Spills can affect both surface and groundwater resources, both locally and regionally, within the host state and in adjoining states.  Pollution from spills and from hydraulic fracturing has occurred in parts of Pennsylvania outside the basin where high volume hydraulic fracturing is occurring.

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