The Era of Resistance to Fracking is Coming to an End

Economies are booming as the United States reaches energy independence, leaving those who still oppose fracking out in the cold and importing expensive Russian gas.

This may be the last article I will write in defense of fracking safety against the false and misleading propaganda of radical environmentalists. That’s because the era of this resistance movement is now over, and the worldwide adoption of this technology is spreading rapidly. It is now viewed as the solution to our energy future.

This resistance effort became more a political movement and was an utter waste of resources, money, and time. Why? In order to scare you, the public, and stop the adoption of a technology that will eventually eliminate the use of coal for power generation and achieve energy independence. It will extend the use of petroleum and natural gas as our prime energy source for future generations, and that’s the problem for the anti-fracking coalition.

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