A publication called The Flowback has turned heads in the Southern Tier but it turns out the entire thing is not only fatally flawed, but also financed by some very wealthy NIMBY types using an eccentric UFO follower as the author.

Denise LaTourette, in a guest post on this site, recently debunked a newsletter known as The Flowback, which has been distributed throughout the Southern Tier and has been recommended by Chip Northrup. Northrup suggests the author deserves financial support for her efforts, indicating the anti-natural gas community views this propaganda as valuable ammunition in their campaign to deny New Yorkers clean, safe and economical energy, not to mention a whole lot of jobs.

Fred Dicker, the well known investigative reporter at the New York Post who also does a regular radio program and frequently interviews Governor Andrew Cuomo, destroyed The Flowback in a piece that appeared on October 22 in the New York Post. He noted, as did Denise, its publishers incorrectly attributed destruction in a photo depicting mountaintop mining operations to natural gas operations. Dicker also related some of the dubious history of Bonnie Jones Reynolds the author of the newsletter. In just a few words Dicker shredded Reynolds’ credibility, but there is still more to know.


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