The Price of Cuomo’s Pipeline Political Correctness: “No Gas for You”

Andrew Cuomo is a mindless demagogue. His pipeline political correctness is making ConEd tell natural gas customers they may have to say “No Gas for You.”

A reader sent me a New York Post editorial yesterday entitled “Thanks to Cuomo, Con Ed may have to stop taking new customers.” It’s an excellent piece and right to the point; Andrew Cuomo’s demagogic pipeline political correctness is taking ConEd customers to the brink. ConEd has told the New York State Public Service Commission that it “forecasts that in the near term it may be unable to meet demand from new customers on extremely cold days.” That’s nice talk for “we may have to let you freeze.”

Yes, ConEd is sending out warning signals, but, of course, it has to do so very quietly as the Public Service Commission in New York isn’t independent as the case in Pennsylvania, for example. It is firmly under the control of Andrew’s Department of Public Services and serves his political bidding. And, pipeline political correctness is a litmus test for this governor as he attempts to appease the radical fringe and, especially, their big money funders. ConEd knows it, too, has to step to the tune of pipeline political correctness. But, the problem is getting too big to ignore.

wrote about the ConEd problem last month but didn’t then have the benefit of the company’s original filing made a year ago and to which the New York Post editorial refers. Here’s a highlighted version and it is a spectacular overview of where pipeline political correctness is taking New York City and environs; into the deep freezer. Here are some of the more powerful excerpts (emphasis added):

Con Edison’s growth in firm customer peak day pipeline capacity needs has recently accelerated,  growing at an annual rate of 4.7 percent since 2011. By comparison, firm customer peak day pipeline capacity needs grew at an annual rate of 1.9 percent during the ten years ending in 2011…

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