The Thoroughly Dishonest Justification for the DRBC Fracking Ban

The DRBC fracking ban has been justified with a totally dishonest explanation ignoring key facts, prevailing law and even an elementary sense of justice.

The Delaware River Basin Commission, in proposing the DRBC fracking ban, has published a lengthy public notice laying out the justification or rationale f.... It’s a poorly written, error-ridden, deceptive and thoroughly dishonest document that anyone within even an elementary knowledge of the facts can quickly debunk. I suspect a future court will also do so. It’s that bad.

Much of the testimony at last month’s hearings on the DRBC fracking ban properly focused on the absurdity of the double standards applied as the DRBC, governed by the same majority of members as the SRBC, deliberately ignored the decade of experience with natural gas development in the Susquehanna River Basin, where water quality testing has shown “no discernible impact on the quality of water resources” from that development. That’s a powerful point and one the DRBC will now have to address, thanks to the multitude of comments on the subject.

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