The Very Special Interests of Fractivists and Friends

Fractivists and other radical enviros are too often portrayed as altruistic when, in fact, they embody some of the very worst of very special interests.

Self-described environmentalists and most fractivists typically get the benefit of any doubt as being altruistic, community-minded, socially conscious protecters of nature and all that is good. The truth, though, is that there is, more often than not, special interests at stake. Sometimes it’s simply an attention-getting ego-boosting thing, other times it’s about the power and, far too often, it’s about the money.

I’ve pointed out here numerous times that trial lawyers are often in the background in stirring up fractivist causes in hopes of making the sky rain lawsuits for them to pursue. The connections between environmental groups, public interest research groups and trial lawyers are everywhere. Jay Halfon, the Fractivist Rasputin, serves all three, bringing them together to make enough money to live in a swank Manhattan apartment and hobnob with the gentry class.

There’s also the Karen Hinton story, which I wrote about here in 2013. Karen Hinton is a public relations guru of sorts, who supposedly represents Ecuadorians who sued Chevron in a phony lawsuit that was later turned on its head (more on that in a moment). She’s worked for Andrew Cuomo at one point, as did her husband, Howard Glaser. She’s a committed fractivist, of course, though, as I noted at the time, she and her husband bragged about the expensive gas range and gas fireplace in their new home.

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