Two more prominent anti-shale activists turn out to be natural gas users!

This is the third in our There Ought To Be A Law series of posts.  We documented, in the first piece, the fact Tony Ingraffea, Mayor Matt Ryan and Josh Fox all used natural gas to heat their homes or offices.  The second post addressed the use of natural gas by three generations of the Roy Park family – the same folks who underwrite virtually every bit of anti-natural gas “research,” advocacy, comment and litigation regarding shale gas.

The hypocrisy of these folks is stunning, but what is not surprising is the sensitivity of their allies to these simple facts being brought out in the open.  There was a lot of hyper-ventilating going on in the responses I received to the second post, in particular.  We received a number of comments about how unfair it was to note the irony in a bunch of trust funders telling the rest of us how to live and make our living.  It appears we struck a nerve, so here we go again.  There are several other examples of “do as we say, not as we do.”  Consider these folks:

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