Thousands Turn Out to Learn About Natural Gas at Cabot’s 3rd Annual Picnic

While we were still enthused from the excitement of last weekend’s Vote4Energy rally where thousands of New Yorkers came out to support natural gas, we headed to Harford Fairgrounds in Susquehanna County last weekend for the 3rd Annual Cabot Oil & Gas Picnic.  The picnic has steadily gained popularity over the last three years with 4,000 coming out in 2010, 6,000 in 2011, and this year over 7,000 people were in attendance!  Seeing that many people getting their questions answered, excited for the development in their region, and holding intellectual discussions on natural gas development really puts into perspective the term “Silent Majority!”  It was an amazing day all around, as usual, and our hats go off to Cabot for the caliber of information distributed and level of commitment to the Susquehanna County community your picnic displays.

Knowledge is Power

While there were absolutely prizes and fun to be had throughout the day, the key component of the picnic was the opportunity for community members to become more knowledgeable of the process of developing natural gas occurring on their lands. Cabot had staff on hand from their land, completions, drilling, environmental stewardship, external affairs, geology, marketing and natural gas usage, and production departments to answer the full spectrum of questions presented by landowners.

Theses displays were manned with the engineers, geologists and others to help attendees better understand the information. Some fun items included buckets to explain the substances used in hydraulic fracturing fluid, well casings, pieces of Marcellus Shale and more.

Geology Display at Cabot Picnic
Geology Display at Cabot Picnic

For those who weren’t able to attend, you can also visit AskCabot to get your questions answered.

To read more about the picnic, please visit

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