Tom Wolf Is Already Getting More Than His Fair Share of Impact Fees

While Tom Wolf is demagoguing about natural gas not paying its fair share, Tom Wolf is exploiting the impact fees it generates to play politics.

Governor Wolf proudly announced on Twitter yesterday that he is giving out several million dollars to fund various projects across the state. He makes himself sound like a hero and gives the impression that the money is coming from the general fund. In reality, this money is coming from the natural gas impact fees.

What Tom Wolf is doing is disgusting. He has been playing ads on TV here blasting the gas industry for not paying their “fair share.” He has, by doing so, just busted himself for lying to us about the “fair share” he falsely claims the industry doesn’t pay.

Two-faced Tom Wolf has also been blasting Scott Wagner, suggesting in his TCV ads that Wagner is somehow a tool of  big oil and gas. Wagner is nobody’s tool. He simply recognizes how much the natural gas industry has done for Pennsylvania and is not so stupid as to try to hamstring it for the sake of pleasing a handful of environmental extremists.

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