UPDATE: MarkWest Announces Its Plans For Harrison County

Energy In Depth's Shawn:

"UPDATE (5/31/12, 10:00 am ET):  MarkWest has come a long way since they announced their plans to build natural gas processing facilities in Cadiz last August. MarkWest has been processing 60 million cubic feet of gas per day (Mmcf/d), removing the wet gas components of ethane, butane, propane and pentane since late last year from their temporary facility. Just this month, MarkWest completed their Cadiz I facility and commenced operations of their 125 Mmcf/d cryogenic processing plant.  With the completion of Cadiz I, MarkWest will now be able to process more of the liquids rich gas coming from customers like Gulfport, Antero, PDC and Rex Energy.

MarkWest and their joint venture partner EMG are now in the process of building Cadiz II processing plant at their Cadiz complex.  The Cadiz II plant will be able to process an additional 200 Mmcf/d, and should be completed by mid 2014.  When complete, the Cadiz complex will increase its processing capacity to 325 Mmcf/d.

Further south in Noble County, MarkWest is hard at work building an additional complex: the Seneca complex.  Already in construction are the Seneca I and Seneca II gas processing plants, which both are capable of processing 200 Mmcf/d. Seneca is on pace to begin operations early in the fourth quarter of this year. MarkWest is also currently in the process of constructing of an additional 200 Mmcf/d facility, called the Seneca II, which is also scheduled to be installed later this year.

Also just announced are plans to build a third 200Mmcf/d cryogenic gas processing facility at its Seneca processing complex in Noble County to support the growing production in the southern core of the Utica Shale."

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