Utica Fueling Construction Industry In Eastern Ohio

EID's Shawn dissects the New York Times piece on the Utica Shale's impact on construction in Ohio and notes other projects that deserve notice:

"It’s not every day Ohio is featured in the New York Times but that’s exactly what happened yesterday as the Grey Lady focused on the remarkable investment and jobs that Utica Shale/Point Pleasant development has provided the state.  In the past two years, Ohio has seen 255 Utica wells costing upwards of around $11 million per well, processing plants projects being developed and construction projects putting Ohioans back to work.  In short, the Utica Shale is the economic game changer we all hoped it would be.

Chesapeake is constructing three new buildings to house their Ohio office in Louisville, near Canton.  They are planning a five-story, 85,000-square-foot office tower that is on schedule to be completed this year. The company is also building a 55,000-square-foot receiving and maintenance shop as well as 6,000-square-foot repair shop.  All three of these buildings are estimated to bring $22-24 million in investment into Louisville as estimated by Louisville City Manager Thomas Ault.

These buildings are being constructed here in Ohio and creating new projects for Ohio construction companies.  The investment isn’t going unnoticed by Louisville administrators.

“We haven’t had any private development around here to compare to this in a long time,”–Thomas Ault, Louisville City Manager  (Ohio’s Resurgent Natural Gas Industry Spends Millions to Set Up Shop, 3/12/13)

While this investment is extremely significant, it pales in comparison to some of the midstream investments happening throughout eastern Ohio.  Currently there are four natural gas processing companies planning projects ranging from $300 million to over a billion dollar investments into local communities.  Investments like these have not been seen in this area of the state during my lifetime.

The M3 Momentum’s Utica East Buckeye project will consist of 3 processing plants, 2 cryogenic plants and one fractionation plants, and 200 miles of pipelines connecting all three.  The project is estimated to cost $900 million and will employ a couple hundred construction jobs per project in addition to teams laying the pipeline.

MarkWest Energy Partner’s is constructing a $500 million project in Cadiz as well as a second processing plant in Noble County this year.  Each plant will require 200 construction workers to build these facilities.  According to MarkWest, 90% of these workers are from Ohio.  Once completed the facilities could house 40 to 95 permanent employees...."

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