Wendy Lynne Lee Attacks Women Who Support Natural Gas

Wendy Lynne Lee is as entertaining as it gets.  Joe Massaro recently had the opportunity to listen to her read a paper full of assertions about the natural gas industry.  Called ?The Good Ole? Boy Extraction Club: The Pseudo-Patriotic and Pervasively Patriarchal Culture of Hydraulic Fracturing (Why Breast Cancer Is the Canary in the Fracking Coal Mine? the paper is about what you?d expect from a piece so titled.

Susquehanna University recently allowed Professor Wendy Lynne Lee of Bloomsburg University to give a presentation titled ?Where Environmental Integrity Meets Social Justice: Clean Water, Economic Vulnerability, and Big Gas (The What and the Who of ?The Frack?).?  I had the opportunity to sit in on Lee?s presentation where she read (yes, read) a paper she has been working on highlighting the negative aspects of hydraulic fracturing, the events at the Riverdale Mobile Home Park  and the role women play as the public relations face of the shale industry.  It has a title, as you?ll note from the introduction, almost as long as the paper.  Lee offered her draft paper to anyone who wanted to read it further and, college being a place for the free exchange of ideas, Joe received a copy from an attendee.


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