Western Pennsylvania Pipeline Right-of-Way Option Agreements - Please Beware and Be Informed

I have received several calls from western PA landowners and they have provided me the Pipeline Right-of-Way OPTION Agreements presented to them by SWEPI over the last couple months.  I really want to urge landowners to carefully and thoroughly review these Option ROW Agreements before you sign anything.  

I have worked extensively on Pipeline ROW agreements across PA and find this proposed option agreement to be very troubling in many ways.  Landowners must really make sure you not only understand everything in the ROW Agreement that you are presented, but also understand what type of future activity you are exposing your property to, and at what compensation rates in the future.  It is often much easier to think about today than what the future holds.

I get calls virtually every week from landowners who regret signing company friendly ROW and other gas related agreements.  Please do not make the same mistake and regret it later.  Remember, just because someone else, or even many others, entered into bad agreements does not mean that you should do the same.  I am really concerned that landowners are signing ROW Option Agreements that they are going to regret later.  

I have reached Pipeline ROW Agreements with dozens of separate companies all across PA, including several with SWEPI in Tioga County.  I have serious concerns about the ROW Agreements that landowners in western PA are being presented with and how the landmen are reportedly pressuring them to sign quickly. Think about it, what is the rush to sign quickly when the ROW Agreement has a 3 year company option?  Please do not be pressured or rushed.  These are important decisions and require careful consideration. 

Also remember, if landowners refuse to sign inferior agreements the companies will have little choice but to present new agreements with better landowner terms.  Please be careful, and please get qualified, experience assistance.  With good credible advice and assistance you will always make the right decision for you and your property.  Please be careful, and be informed.

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Comment by Norm Kozlowski on May 9, 2013 at 2:14pm


All those items you speak of are separate negotiations/ agreements very well spelled out and as a landowner you have the right to say "no thank you"  or move it to this area.  I am all for landowners understanding what they sign but it really does not take an attorney to understand these documents, landowners can do their homework for free no need to pay someone to do it for them.  

Comment by Tim Tarr on May 9, 2013 at 1:27pm


I think He (Mr. Clark) gave very sound advice. Unless you understand exactly what your signing don't sign it.

When they come back after pipeline installed and tell you they are putting compressors or an access road next to the porch, Than it's too late. 

Comment by Norm Kozlowski on May 9, 2013 at 1:34am

So what you are saying to us in western pa is that you know what SWEPI will accept as a landowner request and like wise what they will not and what you will do is take our money and give us what SWEPI has told you they will accept.  I have read several of your post and it covertly sounds like you are soliciting business by scaring people into questioning their ability to make the right decision.  I have relatives in tioga and I have heard nothing but good things about how the right of ways have progressed, as usual there are some bumps in the process, but that seems to be the natural progression of life some get roses, some get thorns that is just the way life rolls, but selling fear that all is bad and no one can make their own decisions is bad form. 

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