I agreed to a lease with Gastar Exploration formineral rights that I fell heir to in Marshall County, WV .The bonus payment was for $1500 an acre which

seemed fair at the time. My problem is that I live in Ohio and I am not certain about where to pay taxes. I included the bonus as rental income in my Federal tax return on a schedule E form. Is there a state income tax in West Virginia that I should also be filing with and what other local government agencies am I indebted to and who should I contact for forms and information? I only own the minerals not the land. I signed the lease 15 months ago and have received no royalties yet so my only concern at this time is the bonus income taxes. This is my first attempt at blogging so please forgive me if I messed up with protocol, etc. I certainly appreciate any information and advice you have to offer.( PRW)

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