When Will Fractivists Say They’re Sorry?

The Sierra Club has basically apologized for its environmental hysteria about a starving polar bear. When can we expect fractivists to say they’re sorry?

There is an original December 2017 National Geographic magazine story about a gut-wrenching video and narrative of a dying polar bear video, which was the most visited piece in the publication’s history.

After 8 months, the National Geographic and the writer of this piece of climate alarmism and scare tactics have publicly APOLOGIZED (caps mine). Just amazing and it raises all sorts of questions about other instances of environmental hysteria

environmental hysteria

In all honesty, there have been many examples of the kind of reporting National Geographic did, replete with exaggerations and falsehood, lately. While I don’t have space to include them all, I have been researching the publication of a recent Stanford University study about climate warming and suicide in 2050 in US and Mexico.

First, I noticed that dozens and dozens and dozens of stories in the national enquirers of national media and the “near-tabloid science media” showed up on my Google search. All of this coverage on a highly speculative study looking 32 years into the future.

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