Why Is Southern Tier Solar Works So Afraid of Questions?

Southern Tier Solar Works threatened Vic Furman with police intervention if he dared to attend their educational forum and not conduct himself with decorum.

I recently registered for a solar event near me. It was to be conducted by an outfit known as Southern Tier Solar Works. I intended to attend and ask questions. I had seen an advertisement back in May for what was described as a community solar educational event to take place in nearby Sidney, New York and decided to save three spots for myself and friends. No big deal, right? Apparently, it was a big deal for the people at Southern Tier Solar Works, who seem awfully afraid of any questions I might ask.

I say this because this is the email response I received from Southern Tier Solar Works after registering (emphasis added):

From: Southern Tier Solar Works a href="http://mailto:stswinfo@southerntiersolarworks.org/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener">stswinfo@southerntiersolarworks.org>
Date: Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Subject: Important message regarding Wednesday event at Awestruck Ciders
To: Victor Furman span> Vlfamf@aol.com>
Dear Mr. Furman,
Thank you for your interest in our event on Wednesday June 6th. These events are taking place in cooperation with county and local governments across the region for the benefit of their residents. While we welcome discussion that is respectful and on topic,  you should be aware that we and our partners will not tolerate attempts to dominate or disrupt our educational programs.
Given your history of disrupting events, we respectfully ask that should you and your associates be planning on anything other than attending and maintaining proper decorum, that you please take this to another forum and respect this local small business. Otherwise, you and your associates are not welcome at this event and we shall notify the Sidney Policy Department to that effect.
We have made our partners aware of this situation as well.  We also take the comfort and safety of our employees, interns and guests very seriously.
The STSW team

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