Yet Another Fracking Study Puts the Lie to DRBC Claims

A fourth fracking study in just a few months has concluded hydraulic fracturing has not affected groundwater drinking sources. Will the DRBC even notice?

The Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC), in its high school quality justification for a fracking ban, asserts this (emphasis added);

Considering the totality of the risks that HVHF poses to basin water resources, the Commission proposes in Section 440.3(b) of the draft rule to determine that  controlling pollution by prohibiting high volume hydraulic fracturing in the basin is required to effectuate the comprehensive plan, avoid injury to the waters of the basin as contemplated by the comprehensive plan and protect the public health and preserve the waters of the basin for uses in accordance with the comprehensive plan.

Since this statement was issued, four different studies have come out directly contradicting it, not to mention previous studies or the voluminous data collected by its sister agency, the SRBC, finding no discernible impacts. The latest fracking study comes from analysis of the Barnett Shale region, where it all started.

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Comment by Paul Heckbert on October 2, 2018 at 1:58pm

Casings (pipes) corrode. Cement deteriorates. This is going on in well bores that go unseen and often uninspected.

Out-of-sight, out-of-mind!

Is it any surprise that sometimes wells leak and the toxic chemicals that exist in the well bore at all depths between zero and one mile get into aquifers?

The Society of Petroleum Engineers says that 35% of gas wells in the world are leaking right now.

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