Welcome. Make sure you read this. It will give you a feel for the site.

ALERT: If you have question about leasing in your area, be sure to join a specific group and post the qustion there. If you don't see the proper group, start it!

Dig deep on here.

Get acquainted with the website. There are a bunch of gadgets on here, but they are easy to learn.

Click on "my setting" over in the box on the right upper corner of the homepage. This allows you to get to info on:

1. Account
2. About Me
3. Privacy
4. Email

Also in the sign in box are the "my friends" and "invite" links. As you post you may want to befriend people. This link sends an invite to them. Also, you'll see an "inbox" link. This is an internal priavte email system. No one can see this, even the administrators of the site. If you have it set correctly, you can get a copy of the message sent to your regular email. Also, in the box, you'll see a "quick add" ability. This speeds up the process of posting something.

Also, click on all the tabs along the top of the home page.

"Your Place" is the page where people can leave you comments on your wall. There is also a text box on "Your Place" in which you can enter simple text to tell us more about you or you can plug in html to put a "hyper link," "add an image" or "upload a document." If you are unsure as to how to do this, grab the nearest 5th grader. "Your Place" will also show all your pictures, blogs, video, posts, events, groups.

"Your Place" also has a theme which can be changed. To do this the "theme' link is under your profile picture when you are on "Your Place."

Alright, time to make your first post below. Tell us howdy or hello or whatever is on your mind. Thanks!

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