I see lots of activity in Greene Co. Are the gas companies continuing to lease land for drilling?  Vicki

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I have a nice tract expiring soon.  I'm starting to discuss options if you want to join together.

Let me know,


I'm not wanting to invest.   I just wanted to know if there is a lot of leasing activity in Greene Co., PA.  Thanks.

Sent you a private message.

Hi Joe was just wondering what you're thoughts are on why Richill Township in Greene County Pa hasn't been drilled very much?
We have the Cooper well just east of us and CNX and Noble just West of us with great results and no wells in Richhill. I take that back Rice Energy has the Whipkey Pad in Richill and I think Chesapeake has drilled a couple verticals to hold leases but nothing else.
My guess is that the Cooper wells are I believe Dry gas and the wells being drilled by Noble and Trans Energy are wet gas in Majorsville WV area.
Is it possible that Richhill township is a transnational area between wet gas and dry gas ? Thanks in advance.

Vicki,  This might be a good place for a reminder to all that the landowners that they will get the most money when they lease to a company who can actually drill for oil or gas. All those middle men with their "Letterhead Companies" will sell and resell your lease collecting the money you should have gotten on each sale, then the drillers end up with your lease. Skip all those used car salesmen and find the drillers.

Remember to lease smart, its your land, you paid the taxes each year why should someone else benefit more than you.   Thanks.  Ron


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