has anyone had any dealings wit Resource Minerals, LLC?

they have approached my uncle and my dad about buying their rights

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I do not have any information about this particular company.  But I would encourage you and anyone else interested in selling their minerals to look LOCALLY for a buyer.  Neighbors, farmers, friends, relatives, ect.  If you can't find someone, go to an auctioneer or realtor and ask them for suggestions.

When you sell to an out of state investor or company, the money they earn from these minerals or royalties will leave the local economy forever.  When you sell to a neighbor, the income they earn will be spent locally and keep jobs local.  Your job, your kids job, your neighbors job.


My personal experience has been, Resource Minerals, LLC. offers ridiculously LOW prices for minerals.  There are countless variables when determining a Fair Market Valuation, but I have found Resource Minerals, LLC. is between 1/4 - 1/2 the fair value.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need more information.


thank you

You are welcome; I hate seeing the rip offs some mineral buyers subject owners to, out of lack of knowledge of true values.

thank you

I got a letter from them also.it says we would like to make a HIGHEST AND BEST BEST OFFER for your gas and oil interest YEA RIGHT

my uncle and Dad decided not to sell after I gave them the info

Hi Deb,

There's a company out of Bridgeville, PA that will provide you with a free evaluation of your minerals so that your uncle and Dad can decide if selling all or a portion of their rights is the best decision for them. This company helps potential sellers by providing you with the information buyers evaluate about rights specific to your property so you understand where the fair market value of your rights comes from and help you make an informed decision.

If you decide to list your minerals with the company after considering the information provided from their free evaluation they work for you as the seller, just like a traditional real estate agent, to get you the most money possible - unlike the buyers like Resource Minerals who are trying to buy from you directly at a lower than fair market value price. This company's flat fee includes any necessary curative title work, deed preparation, closing costs and any legal representation / questions you might have surrounding the sale of the property.

Let me know if you would like their contact information, they were very helpful to my family!

thank you

Just remember that if you decide to sell only part of your rights, so that you can have some control ............... If they want to sign a lease and you don't like it, they can just sue you to partition the property.

How common is this?  I see the potential threat of partition brought up on these message boards all the time as a possibility, but I haven't once heard of it actually happening.  I'm pretty certain none of the mineral buying companies go into a purchase of a fractional mineral interest with a partition suit as their end goal.

they had informed my Uncle that they had to have at least 10 acres so wanted to include my Dad's to make 14 acres -


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