Our gas lease will expire in September 2018.   We have acreage that is partially pooled (no production) and some shut-in.   Should we expect to hear from the gas company prior to the end of the lease?   Also wondering if anyone is aware of any current lease offerings.   We're located in Delmar Township.   Thanks in advance for any responses.   

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hard to know without lease language but Delmar seems to be Swepi area. many of these leases would be "held by production" even without actual production. it is called "activity". without a "Pugh Clause" even one acre of a total parcel may tie up the total. i know some who have been HBP under Swepi leases for many years without any money to show.

we have a pugh clause and our current lease is with Swepi.   Originally signed with East Resources 10 years ago.  

that could be good. now see if you can find i believe Brian Day in archive on this site. or go to "whats happening in your area" thread, working from last page backward until you find his advice concerning the "East" leases. this advice is very useful potentially. let us know after you read his comments if it makes sense in your case.

Thanks for the heads up.   I'll take a look.   

check on pages 111 112 113

Thank you.   Seeing as how we're not near the Middlebury wells we may not make out as well as Brian Day but there is still some very useful information.   Thanks again!   

you may be able to exit your existing lease based on the #9 section of addendum. see if is simular to his example. then you could renegotiate.it is not a well proximity issue, rather East Resources lease language in general

Good point Old Timer.   If I'm reading our lease correctly, we pretty much have a drop dead clause after the 2nd renewal (or 10 years) for unpooled acreage.   No way Swepi can renew lease without our say so/approval.   But we may be stuck with the pooled / nonproducing well acreage of the lease.  Just not sure what our negotiating strength is given the neighborhood.  And thank you, thank you very much --  appreciate your insight and advice.   

Hi Ruby.  I'd be glad to give you my thoughts on your situation.  I've had some interesting litigation lately with good old SWEPI lately.  If nothing much put the Marcellus has been tampered with in you acreage, you probably have an "out" if you want it. I'm not much on insisting my way is best.  I just give a person information and leave it up to them.  Their land is their own business.

thanks Brian

Brian -- Your insights would be much appreciated!    

Best of success Ruby


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