Does anyone know of any land groups I can join in the Mecca Twp. Trumbull County area.  I have 20 acres there but I live in Cleveland so I keep missing out on stuff.  

P.S. Is it still possible to join ALOV?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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its too late for alov...

Hi, Best advice i could give would be stay tuned in here and something will likely turn up. While you wait you might read up on some of the posts, even back to summer of 2011, and get more educated on the subject matter and some of the old hats here who have learned their way around and will often be willing to help out with questions you may have. Good Luck


Research this web site.  You will learn a lot.  In particular, you will learn if joining a land group is or is not in your best interest.

For anyone who wants to know, I just got off the phone with ALOV and they told me I can sign up with Buckeye Mineral for Trumbull County.  They told me to send a email to them at and request the lease form.

So I emailed them and I guess I will sign with them.

i knew there was another glad you got the info that you needed... good luck 


I am checking them out too...thanks!

Do you know anything about Buckeye Mineral?  There are some good and bad things atributed to joining a group.  Some do a great job helping you become familiar with contract negotiations.  Then their are those who draw you in just to take a cut from the lease they help you make with the O&G company.  Some groups don't encourage you to wait for the best offer.  If you are new at this, please study this website.  Learn about the contract clauses and how the market value of leases are growing.

I got info and lease from Buckeye to look this a landowner group with meetings etc, or just a mineral company? Anyone here join them? I have property in Morgan county too and belong to a group there. They have monthly meetings that are very informative. I don't see that up here.

Until the quake and water issues are settled, I believe the frenzy to lease will slow down.  Everyone may need to be patient.

Buckeye is ran by the same person as ALOV Bob Rae and they have done alot of good for a lot of places. I'm part of the last ALOV group in Trumbull county. ALOV is a non profit organization and Buckeye is a for profit organization. They have put alot of time in for alot of people.


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