Lancashire For Shale and Cuadrilla Show Us How to Teach Shale

Lancashire for Shale and Cuadrilla produced a great video which does a fantastic job of explaining the geology involved in fracking.

Our friends at Lancashire for Shale, along with the good people of Cuadrilla, have put together a marvelous video lesson in geology. This well done video does a great job of illustrating how to tell the miracle story of shale, in the hopes of launching a UK Shale Revolution of their own, much like the United States is experiencing.

Much of the video takes place on Cuadrilla’s Preston New Road shale gas exploration site. Cuadrilla is a Lancashire based company and are experts in searching for and discovering natural gas reserves in shale rocks. At the taping of this video it was for a live webcast stream. Viewers also had the opportunity to ask question and get live answers from Huw (no typo) Clark, geologist for Cuadrilla.

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