1st royalty check received in O-H-I-O.....so glad I didn’t sell out to the flippers on this site.

After turning down a half mill for one partial and nearly 3/4 mill for a different partial... received first royalty check for the 1st three months of production .   Although nat gas prices are low.  I am still extreeeeeemly happy!   My intuition and research  told me that with a little luck , if I just held out  , those one time checks to sell everything would be small in comparison vs. royalty pay out overtime.... I feel so grateful and blessed.    Fortunately I learned a lot on this site before all the flippers Took over the site and made everyone tune out and log off.  The flips propaganda with their multiple accounts acting like they are true mineral/landowners is quite amusing if you know what to look for.  They have truly made it difficult for new members to sift through all the BS and find true realistic answers.    There are many flippers that have ongoing discussions( with their selves ) using their multiple accounts that make it look like there is real dialogue from many different mineral owners..... and that’s not the case , as many of you are already aware.  This oil and gas game is definitely not over for many of us.... unless this is the only resource where you get your info , then it’s doom-n-gloom sell your worthless minerals or receive NADA.  

 I have NOT been on this site for many months and after a quick visit nothings changed it’s actually gotten worse. I will not be back until maybe after the election.... no need to reply ...flippers , it won’t be relevant by the time I read you’re worthless comments .

ps-   There has been a new and improved site created a little over a year ago from a member that also got frustrated with all the flips on here.   Wish I could share it because you will not find this new site ( by design ) with a normal google search ....

 Leaving all these starving flips here. 

Don’t think that these flips are just posting on the main page, they are also in the county groups... I could call out many of these clowns but it does not matter to me anymore ... I have avoided a huge mistake by not selling & my long wait time has just paid off.  

  Continue to watch where Jefferson, Belmont & Harrison County’s meet.  Watch for new permits, take screenshots of the ODNR well locator maps to compare over time , have quarterly discussions with your producer.   Try to find out who the person is that works on developing the units and working with the land and mineral owners.   Get out drive around be observant , follow the truck traffic to their next location.   If there are wells nearby study them and try to predict where a well would need to be located in order for you to be included in the unit.   Remember wells run northwest and Southeast so incorporate that into your well pad prediction strategy.   My producer has been happy to discuss this with me because I have demonstrated and I know how this development works and where a pad location would need to be located for me to be included in a well.   I watch for the white trucks in those locations to make contact with the neighbors regarding contract agreements to gain access/build roads & pads.  Many/most pads are positioned in locations where they can run multiple laterals in both directions from the same pad.   Study the map and slowly watch Wells be Permitted then constructed around you then you will know exactly where the next pad locations will be .  

The hot weather is causing nat gas power plants to work overtime to run AC units, opec production cuts & hoping for a very long cold winter to help push up prices.  

Selling your minerals is not for everyone , Nor is holding out ... I will encourage you to do your own due diligence.  

Good luck to all non-flipper land & mineral owners......Go TRUMP  

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my well is half drilled out (3 legs) and been in production since February.....I have been getting anywhere from $20 -$30 per % royalty per acre per month.

I could really use some direction. Your post was so encouraging to me. My dad owns the mineral rights to his land in northwest Pennsylvania. He had a lease that expired in 2016 and he also passed away that year. My brother and I never officially got the mineral rights put into our names and we both don’t live nearby. I wasn’t pushing my brother to get this taken care of because I was thinking that there was nothing moving forward with new leases and drilling. But now, I feel like we should get on this and start enquiring. Do you have a suggestion with how I start this process? I don’t even know how to get the mineral rights transferred into our names, and if anyone has tried to contact my dad about leasing, they would not be able to reach anyone. Any help would be appreciated.

I am not familiar with PA, but in WV you would file paperwork with the county clerk's office or something similar, in the county where the minerals are. If there is a will, there would need to be a particular type of copy of the will filed, authenticated by someone in the county where the will was filed. Things like that. I suggest contacting the clerk's office where your minerals are and ask about the probate/estate process. I don't know if Pennsylvania taxes oil and gas interests if separate from the surface. WV does. The advantage is, that is a way to find the current owner/tax payer. You could also file a simple affidavit of heirship with your names and addresses, in the county where the minerals are. This would not likely substitute for a formal transfer but would be a way to get your names and addresses out there. The county clerk would be able to advise.

If somebody has better advice, please help! I know from my WV experience and with friends, that the sooner you get this done, the better.


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