I have a neighbor who has 200 acres that would like to lease but they are held by production because of an old lease. The old lease is only using 2 acres of their land. They do not have a Pugh clause in the old lease . Is there ANY way they can lease their unused land? As always ANY ideas are greatly appreciated.

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Is the old well producing? Are they getting royalties? Keep in mind, FREE gas is not producing. Has the well changed hands? If assigned, was it done properly? How many acres was the original lease for? 200? What is recorded at the courthouse? Leases, assignments, bills of sale? Some wells in our area were sold with a 10 acre well site only, no lease. Check to see if any mistakes were made in assignments, bills of sell and other documents at the courthouse. Did the landowner at the time sign and agree to the conditions of the lease. Were previous leases still in effect that may cause this lease to be void? There are so many possibilitys in these old leases. The big problem is getting the leg work done, pointing out the case, and money to pursue. I wish them luck in their strugle. 


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