Not in your wildest dreams would McCain/Palin have pulled this garbage.

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Gary, sorry, you are 100% correct. We all know the Republicans do not want that. I did not agree w/ much of George W's policies, but i do believe he is a good Christian man.  In my opinion (for what it is worth - and I am sure I will get several responses saying it is worth NOTHING) the extreme left and extreme right are crazy. One wants a totally socialist country and the other end of the continum wants a very small ruling class w/ everthing. I am in the middle. If I give a begger on the street $5.00 and he uses it to buy booze I have not done something wrong. If I pass by him calling him names because I presume he wants my hard earned money to buy booze, now I believe I have done something wrong. Thanks for the rational conversation _ Denver

For all the landowners that think the 3.8% tax is a noble thing than why dont you just go ahead and donate your land and royalties to the government. We have people that live from their conception to death on the gubernment tit. There is no shame in taking  welfare anymore, now they brag about it on youtube. When is the last time you saw a skinny poor person? Most are fat and none are starving or going to bed hungry. Even God himself doesnt ask for more than 10%. The 47 % for most Americans doesnt include veterans(they actually earned what they get and deserve more). Go to downtown steubenville and you will see the 47% for which we speak.


This reminds me of the 20's, 30's and 40's when here in WV, in the coal mining areas, where people really were hungry and very poor and had nothing.

Then Mrs. Roosevelt came and helped after she became aware of such poverty in the areas.

That is what the welfare system was designed for.

New times now and it is being abused and this is so sad for America. People forget.


Yes, the  Veterans  earn what  they  get  and  deserve  much  more but they  fall into the  47%  just  like  all retirees who paid  social security, medicare out of  paychecks,  disabled  and  all those  who  earn under  the  Federal  poverty  level. The  Republicans  believe  that  all in  that  47%  group are  takers but  they  paid one way or  the  other Obviously  if  disabled it  makes it  hard for  them to  compete in the  work place. I was raised  as a  dairy  farm  boy  who  knows  work  and  today  I  would be  considered  in the  47%. Maybe  rethink  who is  in the  1%  and  most  pay  taxes at the  15%  level  not  like  middle  class people  at 29 to 35%. . Study  economics  then let's  have an  intelligent  discussion  about  the  economy. PS.  Trickle  down economics does  work  only in  former  President Reagans memory.

Bravo Lee. Well said.

Not really well said-just well repeated.  To start with the comment was taken out of context.  It was not a condemnation of 47%-it was a statement of fact that that percentage would not vote for him..  The top 1% pay well over 15% ON INCOME. That 15% is for investments-the same anyone who has a savings account (that used to earn income) or 401k or retirement account would pay.  On earned income those in the 1% pay on average over 40%.  And the top 10% of earners pay over 75% of the taxes received by the government.

To Chuck and Denver,

I recently worked in the NYS Senate for a Senator in the poorest district in the Bronx. I was the senate liaison for "constituent services". You both are too naive to realize that these entitlements continue a lifestyle of corruption. I have seen it first hand in the dysfunctional Democratic party. Progressives can not enlighten themselves as to the schemes and shams these programs encourage. Our tax dollar is wasted beyond your imagination. 

Luann's, let me guess, you did not work for a Democrat. As I have said to several of the others on this site, teach me and you will be my new best friend. I am sure you know much more about the political world thus, if that classifies me as naive you are correct. - Denver

Mr. Denver, 

Yes, my Senator was a Democrat, recently indicted and awaiting sentencing. These programs are abused starting with the phony non-profits that churn over the poor through their government programs. Think of the system as a Jacob ladder flipping it's way downward. From affordable housing that get thirty year real estate tax abatement, straight through to medicating their residents so that they can have rent subsidies, and then use their residents as patients in their own Health Facility paying high rents with government grants, in their own commercial storefronts, below the affordable housing. The poor have more disposable income than I did on the Senate staff. It is too massive to explain on a blog.

Having valuable land that produces might be a miracle, but you should have more respect for your blessing. 

Luana, Very interesting information and I believe what you say. I wish you had not ended with the slight put-down, but I do like being informed. I guess I am perhaps naive, but I hope there are some honest people in Washington. Maybe I am Ike Mr. Smith when he first arrives in Washington. That is why those if you who are informed need to help those of us who are not. I taught for 35 years in the poorest school in our county. I too have worked w/ poverty and have seen its effects. Believe me, I have a great deal of respect for the miracle that has come my way. Wanting to share it responsibly ( if as you say the gov't is not the way then another)does not diminish that respect. - Denver

wow.   10% to a failing education system,run by a bunch of union thugs who say publically they are not interested in the kids . ''despite what some among us would like to believe,it is not because of our creative ideas,it is not because of the merit of our positions,it is not because we care about children and it is not because we have a  vision of a great public school for every child. NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power.and we have power because there are more than 3.2 million people who are willing to pay us hundreds of millions of dollars in dues each year because they believe that we are the unions that can most effectively represent them,the unions that can protect their rights and advance their interests as education employees.this is not to say that the concern of the NEA and its affiliateswith closing achievement gaps,reducing dropout rates ,improving teacher quality and the like are unimportant or the contrary,these are the goals that guide the work we do.but they need not and MUST NOT be achieved at the expense of due processemployee rights and collective bargaining.that simply is too high a price to pay'.  NEA'S top lawyer bob chanin.  2009 and the other thing,the royalties belong to the landowners. this countrys' private giving dwarfed the feds and all other countries, till these bozo's took over. the tsunami giving from american CHRISTIANS  to the muslims in indonesia and surrounding area was the biggest of anybody. no,i don't want the governemnt to replace private giving. i want them to get lost.

Terrorist Bill Ayers To Keynote Association Of Teacher Educators Meeting

Obama's Mentor and best friend...


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