I do not know the application of this site, but this is located about 2 miles S. West of the Milan Park-which is west of Morgantown. I do not believe it is gas related, but the potential is present for long standing pits.
Anyone care to comment on this site or potential situation?

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That part of Mon County is coal country. Google Earth shows Arkwright-Sears acid mine drainage pond. One of several such type in the area. So not a total catastrophe, its there for a reason.
The AMD ponds are a weak way to treat the problem, passive system keeps DEP and Watershed groups getting annual grants. I asked a question, catastrophe? I know Oil field and Coal are not kissing cousins, but we all share the Natural Resources and the need to use balance as we grow our business.

Curious what would you say the reason for a AMD pond to pour over containment and flow into a river.

I can clean the water and allow clean, highly oxygenated water that is good for plants and fish to flow that is not a pH of 4, I would thru no additives flow 7-8pH and allows immediate treatment, not months


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