Most of my neighbors in Jefferson Co. just received a certified Letter and a renewal check. They said the larger properties, I was told have to meet with Landman first. I'm on the Steubenville and Cross creek Township line and people on both sides of the street were happy at the mail box. Mail Man said he delivered a lot of checks.

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Congratulations and good luck.

You Ohio folks are about to witness a multi decade long upsurge in increased development as the productive footprint expands, pipeline takeaway continues to enlarge to a varied range of destination points, more active operators are entering your theater, and -  I add with mixed emotions - your Pennsylvania neighbors may be battling a restrictive environment should the anti fossil fuel administration retain power.

Ohio has a VERY promising future if you collectively continue down this path.

While I generally refrain from politically tinged comments in oil/gas related forums, you cannot fathom how strenuously I hope you are correct in that Mr. Wagner carries the day. 

People may not appreciate the full impact of Pennsylvania's opening up the Marcellus a decade back.

Now, for the entire world to witness, safe, productive hydrocarbon extraction can and IS taking place on a massive scale.

The wider public can still easily be swayed by dramatic, deceptive 'drama'  as put forth by that Paul guy, but a provable track record of safe development is difficult to dismiss.

The current debacle surrounding the Delaware River Basin attempting to ignore the safe history of next door Susquehanna River Basin's  production being just one example.

You folks are sitting atop the largest hydrocarbon resources on the planet.

The Utica, Upper Devonian(s), Mighty Marcellus will prove to be larger than North Dome/South Pars, itself WAY bigger than the next-in-size formations.

The benefits resulting from abundant, cheap fuel will manifest in low heating bills, inexpensive electric, huge influx of manufacturing companies, on and on.

Glance at the Google images of the new high schools in tiny Williston and New Town, North Dakota.

All financed from Bakken revenue.

Pittsburgh could become one of the wealthiest cities in the world offering top shelf amenities for their constituents, their employees, their retirees if only they would get with the program.

Multi generational benefits are yours, collectively, for the taking if you all are able to thwart those who are attempting to thwart you.

The only problem I see with this good news is, I was with Paloma III sold to Gulfport Appalachia LLC, My Lease ends Sept.10th 2018 and nobody will return my Calls !  No check for me.

Thanks Old Timer. My original lease stated if extension is taken the renewal bonus would be increased by 10%. That puts lease at $8000.00 an acre plus 20%. I look for Gulfport to let lease expire and Accent to try and negotiate a cheaper price. Wondering if this would be a good time to try and lease by stratus. Any thoughts, Help would be appreciated.

Thank OT,  appreciate your input . I still have a lot of variables to answer before I can make an informed decision. I know the companies don't like Stratus leasing, but I have 3 here. Thanks again!

All the large property owners got their renewal money from Accent in the Steubenville and Cross Creek Township Area on Saturday. Now I am the only Gulfport Appl. leased property surrounded by Accent in the Hammack Well pad area. My lease is up 9/10/18, this should be interesting. Just around 68 acres in the middle of Accents area in Jefferson Co.

Well it's official  Gulfport let my lease expire. I Emailed them to please file release ASAP so I can proceed to find another Co.. Was told they would get it worked up and filed for me. Seem like good people!

We are leased with Gulfport in Warren township, lease runs out in February. I wonder if they will renew or release us. Good luck with Accent they are poking holes all around us also. 

Martin I Know Gulfport renewed a lease in Wells Township along Rt 151 behind Brilliant. I received a call from Purple yesterday about leasing my property in Steubenville Township, Jefferson Co.

close to the cracker plant?


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