AEP sold mineral rights on my property to Gulfport but never payed me bonus

Lease was signed Dec 2013. I called them a few times and they never returned my call. First they said they would get check out right away. Then guy told me he hasn't anything to tell me.  After that phone number went dead. It  was signed with Great River Energy. LLCesigned  Dec    2013  .  What

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So you signed a lease, they never paid the bonus, and then they assigned your lease to Gulfport.

Get an attorney.  I'm not sure why the assignment of your lease is what set you off... you should have been pursuing the money before this if they didn't pay you and didn't release or cancel your lease... but like I said, contact a competent attorney.

I never bothered because it was small amount. Attonery fees would probably cost more than bonus. Now

they actually sold or transferred it to another company without owning or paying for it seems like a serious issue.

If attorney's fees would cost more than the bonus then they still will.  Perhaps you can attempt to pursue it yourself.  I think a lot of the time it is a matter of talking to the right person.  Maybe Gulfport will be more concerned about it because they may have bought a bad lease.  Good luck.

I was thinking it might be worth it to an attorney to pursue it because now they are profiting off something they do not own. Maybe fraud or breech of contract damages?? They have no excuse now since they sold it or whatever is my thought.

anyway thanks for reply

I see, yeah, maybe you could get some more money out of them for fraud or breach of contract.  Another thing I just thought of, you could probably send them some certified mail and see if you get a response.  If no response, or an unsatisfactory response, then file an Affidavit of Noncompliance that includes the details of the letters you mailed, and bring that affidavit to their attention.  That might get something done. 

And, like I said, I think Gulfport may be more concerned about this than AEP was since they probably paid a nice chunk of money for your lease.

Again, all options that could probably be better addressed by an attorney.  Hope you get it figured out.

Yeah i called Gulfport they called me back 3x already lol

I think i got them by the ball since they sold it to Gulfport. Otherwise they could leave me hanging forever.

Seems they are no good bastards. Check out that news link

creeps  keep changing names. Great River-American Energy partners-American Energy Utica- now its Ascent Energy..criminals

Perhaps you should go to the local prosecutors office. It on the face appears they entered into a contract with you without paying and sold that item of value to you to another. In my understanding that is selling stolen property.

I spoke to Ohio attorney general's environmental division. I was told unfortunately Ohio is the only state where no criminal action can be take. The local prosecutors here are a joke and criminals themselves. The last one told a cop to erase evidence on his cell phone. Instead of being in jail or barred from law that prosecutor is now a judge. They pretty much worthless unless they can free your of your cash only way local prosecutor will help someone. They're very good at helping themselves in ole Belmont County.

I ain't lying

Orange Energy in Canton Ohio are the ones you need to contact, we had a similar problem and after sending 3 certified letters asking for release or payment they finally released the lease, but it took a threat of suing them for slander of title to get it done  and they took their time filing the release. It may be a good move to give them a time limit before you would start legal action against them. Oh and Matt, the landowner should not have to go begging for their lease payment most companies in good standing pay their lease bonus on time, I cant say anything about the crew over at AEUAEPAMERICNENERGYPARTNERSASCENT and on and on it goes. Just wait until it becomes royalty payment time and see how the same folks treat you then

Matt i did contact them. They lied. I told them either give me release or pay up. First they said told me it was sent but it was returned by post office , another check would be sent right out. I waited 2 weeks then called again. I was now told by GRE ," I don't know what to tell you."  I can't get any answers.   I called again and phone number is disconnected. I did send a letter to no avail. 

matt do you work for them?? You are ignorant on the matter. AEP ,Great River  whatever name they are going by are getting sued by hundreds for not paying and no releasing. Are you so ignorant that you missed the link I posted??

Quit calling them on the phone send them a registered letter and get the point across in writing You waste every ones time when you call and just aggravate your situation write and get to the point of what you want to remedie your situation and injury quit crying and do it the legal and correct way


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