AEP sold mineral rights on my property to Gulfport but never payed me bonus

Lease was signed Dec 2013. I called them a few times and they never returned my call. First they said they would get check out right away. Then guy told me he hasn't anything to tell me.  After that phone number went dead. It  was signed with Great River Energy. LLCesigned  Dec    2013  .  What

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Anything you post on here can be used against in a court battle. 

Sometimes I find this forum to be very informative. However, recently it seems more and more like a way to vent your anger and wait for people to agree with you. Almost as if the goal is to get everyone fired up and start a movement. I happened to notice that in your post, you weren't even asking anything.

I do happen to partially agree with Matt on this one. If I signed a lease on my property and never saw my check, I would then follow what my lease says to do. Most of them have a clause that states when you put them on notice, they then have a certain amount of business days to get it rectified. You leased in December of 2013?! Take care of your property. Go get paid.

If someone owed me money I wouldn't wait 2 years then start crying about it.......I would have been getting answers soon after the due date .....not wait til after they sold my lease to someone else

hey Tyler the money is small maybe enough for a nice cruise. yes you're right i guess i will have to send a certified letter then if they don't pay it's straight up theft.  The question is who is responsible?? Great River transferred to AEp then AEp to GulfPort.   I guess they all can play dumb. Great River doesn't even exist anymore. I would think AEP is responsible party  because no company would buy or trade a lease unless they can prove order or payment was made but i guess i could say the same thing about Gulfport.

Am i Supposed to believe all these companies who lease thousands of acres did this by mistake?? I think this is blatant fraud. Anyway now i have a sure winner where i will win in court and they will have to at least pay the court fees plus what they owe.

I didn't do anything about it because it would be a losing battle  Great River is not a physical entity. If i won in court there's no one to attach the judgement to except for a PO BOX  no names of company officers. not even a phone number to put a lien on . It would have been a waste of money. So that is why I didn't pursue it.

Now it's in the hands of real corporations with physical addresses and assets. Well that's my reasoning anyway. I guess what it comes down to now is pay me or release.

I wonder what one would do if they take the oil and gas but don't pay the royalties. What can be done against the corporations if they just stole it. Corporations don't go to jail.

Under Ohio law, in addition to compensatory you can sue the perpetrator of a theft offense for liquidated damages in the amount of 3 times the theft offense after serving them with a 30 day written demand for payment.


So who would be the perpetrator?? Great river gave it to Aep , Aep gave it to Gulfport.

They are are guilty because one did not buy it from the other without knowing payment hasn't been met. I contacted them all , and all are ignoring me..


   So name them all in a lawsuit and let them start pointing fingers at each other.


   I'm not sure who you are, and I don't really care. In reality, you are nobody to me. Although I agree with many of the points you make regarding Adam's dilemma, the way you make them comes across as very abrasive. In fact, it borders internet bullying. Furthermore, it may be wise to stick to your day job as I am certain it can't involve the legal arena given your distorted interpretation of law. Save yourself further embarrassment.

   Regardless, it sounds as though Adam believes someone stole something of value from him. It doesn't mean that I endorse Adam's beliefs. I'm simply posting the remedies available to a victim of a theft offense in Ohio. It is for a jury to decide whether or not Adam prevails in a court of law, not you, if Adam so choses to hire an attorney and take legal action against any one, or all, involved. After 2 years of doing nothing, it doesn't appear that Adam will mail anything in writing to anyone let alone consult with any attorney, and is just crying over spilt milk that is meaningless to him in which he didn't care to drink in the first place. One thing is for certain, Adam doesn't have to justify any of his actions to any of us, and that includes you. Good day. 

thanks people. yeah i comes down to i'll get the money owed or i'll get the rights back. It was just a city lot probably no one is interested in and will never get drilled. I will send some certified letters out. I'll update if anything happens.

I didn't wait for 2 years. Great River doesn't exist anymore. And Aep and Gulfport transfers just happened recently I was checking my deed records and saw the AEP has mortgaged the mineral rights on my larger land holding and decided to check on the city lot. I guess they got a loan on the value of the mineral rights???

That probably means there is a lien on your property that you may have not known about unless you decided to sell it for some reason. I;ve heard of this happening before. in P.A.

Great River is a sham.  They have not paid a lot of people in Belmont Co.

When Des had his "big meeting" at Union Local, it sounded too good to be true.  I warned people, another lady on here - maybe her name was Donna - warned people - but no. They signed with him and Great River anyway.    No money in that shell corporation.  


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