Alec Baldwin Tries and Fails at Playing Marcellus Shale Economist

Alec Baldwin is, with a doubt, one of today’s best comedic actors, if not the best. He plays the hapless, but lovable, rogue like nobody else can. His real life is anything but endearing, though. His world-class divorce from Kim Basinger, his phone tirade with his teenage daughter, his fight with a flight attendant over her instructions to stop Tweeting and his expressed desire to stone a member of U.S. House of Representatives suggests he’s more of a cad than anything.

Moreover, the bad behavior hardly ends there. Alec Baldwin is, clearly, one very angry individual, and pretty arrogant besides, despite his ability to make us laugh. That’s what makes me so puzzled our opponents would put him out front, as they did recently, at events in Syracuse. One wonders why they didn’t use someone more credible, like Homer Simpson. I guess “it’s complicated.” What’s not complicated, however, are the answers to Baldwin’s shale gas objections, which were pitiful at best.

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Hah!  You may be onto something!

Alec was forced to step in because Charlie Sheen was unavailable.

Yes, and Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum were on another assignment as well.


I thought he promised to go back to Canada if George W. Bush was elected.  How come he is still here?

Good question! Shall we start a travel fund?

Talk is cheap for them. In fact, I think most of them have lost touch with the difference between a script and real life. Plus, they are so full of themselves that they can't see what the rest of the world is exposed to nor do most of them care, as long as they get what they want.

Finally, in accord with Thomas's original comments regarding their 'qualifications' to speak on any issue other than acting, why would any thoughtful person want them to speak on such issues.... oh, wait, that assumes logical thought which is not possible for, and is in fact discouraged, by the anti's?

Well said.


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