Has anyone received correspondence from Antero about the company wanting to buy your mineral rights?

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Yes, I think so. I am sure they probably would. We chose not to because once you sell them, you will not collect any royalties from any drilling they may do. That could potentially add up to more than their offer to buy you out.
Pikewood has contacted us too.

What did pikewood offer?

40 acres
Haven't responded back to them.

Oh ok, I have heard of the company but haven't heard of any closings by folks I encountered. Good luck!

They have called us too. My husband has not called them back.

yall just have no interest in selling at the moment or want to hold out to see if pricing changes? In PA our prices changes so much in both directions lol

Yes, we'll hold on to them for a while. I inherited the property, also grew up there.

I'd say; show me the money, and make it worth my while!

haha for sure. There are some reputable companys out there just have to have patience they will find you if selling i what you want to do.

Yeah well they need to offer more than what they have offered. ($7200 an acre) We think that there is a good amount of minerals down there and we'll just keep on leasing. My dad passed in 1999 and I am pretty sure he would not have sold out.


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