Bought a cabin in Tioga and the OGM's were transferred to me at the sale. I did get a confirmation letter from the gas company with them updating their records of ownership and they sent a letter of intent to renew the lease. I am just hoping they renew the lease at the amount the last 5 year lease was or more. I was told I should hear something by June/July, but haven't heard anything. Anybody else experiencing this or did you renew your lease lately?



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I doubt that they are offering what they were 5 years ago. if they didn't bother to put you in a unit in the 5 years they had your property leased, I don't think they are very interested (I'm in the same boat but have a year left on my lease).

Hey Lynn, I think the boat is sinking (smile)

What township you in and what company is holding you

I'm in Delmar. Seneca has our lease.

I am in Delmar also and I personally don't see much future there. I'll be interested to know if they pick you up. I'm being held by production at the kennedy well. Best of luck to you! Thanks for the reply

Go here:

Put SENECA * in the place for Company

Go lower left corner and check Tioga county and click on search.....Senaca has 71 documents in 2015 recorded and some are in Delmar.....both memorandums and surrenders......

I did do a search for Seneca as the company/first name and left a * in the last name and checked the tioga box, but the results showed nothing. When I searched by last name it showed the deed and the mortgage info on the date purchased/closed.

put this in top line  SENECA * 

put in dates



check tioga county


Ok Josie,

I see all the instrument numbers listed and the info. What exactly am I looking at here? Are these leases that are currently renewed that are recorded?



Thew memorandums are leases that were just recorded. The surrenders are leases that they did not renew and released back to the owner,,,

Look like delmar they leased/renewed 10 and surrendered 0, so there is hope for you.....not a lot of hope but some....

You cans see that some townships get a lot of action

see ya

Fingers crossed... just bought the place in March and hoped to do a few upgrades to it. Didn't plan on it at all or expect to get any money what so ever, but if we do that would be a great jump start.

What is a "surrender"? 


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