anyone get renewed or released from the EOU Group out of Bridgeport?

scummy lawyers Davis won't even answer a question basically hang up on me saying they have nothing to do with it .they collected their money. Nice peeps they are. 

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I think that this whole operation was a get in, make money, and get out operation.

I don't know of any small parcels that were renewed.

what do you consider small????

My son had a single lot in West Bellaire that was leased initially. But after he received his first check, he never heard from them again.

If you have 10 or more acres, I would contact Ascent directly. They have renewed leases in the Belmont County area.

i have about ten combined in 2 different townships. but 8 acres in on winding hill. lease is up in few days. clowns always playing games. my friend has 5 acres on hospital road Rice renewed them 8 months in advance. ascent all their b.s. always playing game i bet ill have to file an affidavit before they pay or quit.

Maybe not. They may have been holding out to get as many as possible on the new year's books. I would contact Ascent directly. They ought to be able to tell you one way or another at this point. Good luck.


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